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Formed in 2018 and based in Birmingham, Innov8 Gaming’s mission statement is to provide the best performing and most reliable digital gaming content in the marketplace. To achieve this objective, Innov8 have assembled a forward thinking and experienced team who between them have created every new game on the Innov8 platforms. Headed up by experienced industry figures, Alastair Harris and Chris Beckley, they have a wealth of experience in games design and are now coming to market with 2019’s most anticipated new products. Please see our products page for full details


Innov8 Gaming seals £500,000 machine deal with Keeday Leisure at ACOS

On an exhibition stand packed to the brim with brand new products, Innov8 Gaming welcomed the full attention of attendees during the opening day of this year’s ACOS, with independent operator Keeday Leisure ordering 75 digital AWPs before midday.

Innov8 Gaming has announced a deal with leading independent operator Keeday Leisure for 75 of the manufacturer’s brand new digital gaming machines, marking its first major business at ACOS less than an hour into the first morning. The game developer revealed a total of five never-before-seen products at the start of the exhibition’s opening day, with 22 completely original games providing pub and AGC operators alike with plenty of new content to try. Keeday, however, had already been trialing these exciting new entrants to the pub machine market on its sites, endorsing the Innov8’s digital AWPs in the strongest way possible.

“Keeday are a premium operator and we pleased after an initial test with them, that they have ordered a further 75 brand new Digital AWPS for the upcoming Christmas injection period,” explained Innov8 Gaming sales manager Dave Bowman. “Keeday are well known for trying to be one step ahead of the competition, offering the very latest cabinets and digital content to their customer base, so to get this order commendation is fantastic. We look forward to progressing the relationship over the coming months and hope to continue supplying more Innov8 digital products into their estate.” Keeday Leisure managing director Charles Baker added: “Alastair and the team at Innov8 have done a great job. Having a new entrant coming to the market, but with a proven track record, we were naturally delighted to support. Starting from scratch to get this product to where they have got to is a credit to them. Their games are new, unique and early figures are extremely encouraging”

Innov8 Gaming CEO Alastair Harris commented: “Keeday have supported us right from the beginning of our journey at Innov8, which started 18 months ago with cabinet design and game development. We have now moved onto our first product launch at ACOS into both pub and arcade markets. For Keeday to come to our stand on the first morning and give us over half a million pounds worth of business for the pub retail market is an amazing start for us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charles for his continued support.”

Innov8 Gaming to launch at ACOS with 22 brand new digital games

Set to debut five different cabinets and 22 brand new digital games at the company’s first ever trade show, Birmingham-based games developer and manufacturer Innov8 has announced its intention to revitalise the Cat C market with completely fresh content and a state-of-the-art system, all built from the ground up.

Innov8 Gaming, a new entrant to the UK’s games development and manufacturing scene, is set to launch 22 new digital titles across five cabinets at the company’s ACOS debut this month. Assembling an experienced team of forward-thinking innovators, industry veterans Alastair Harris and Chris Beckley founded Innov8 in 2018 with a plan to shake up the Cat C sector for both pubs and AGCs. The pair noted the industry’s desire for fresh ideas, acknowledging that while the current generation of games on the market has been strong, there is an increasing appetite from both operators and players alike for an entirely new wave of exciting content.

“Over the last year Innov8 has assembled a team full of experience, but there’s also an ethos of fresh ideas” explained Harris, CEO at Innov8. “Everything we are offering on our digital platforms is new; new cabinets, new technology and new content. It has been hard work to get to this point, but I am very proud of what the team has achieved”. In an industry with such a rich history, it’s rare to see new companies enter the market with the individuality and confidence of a major player - but Innov8 ticks both these boxes. The Innov8 Gaming system, shared between the company’s five products, has been built from the ground up over the last year, making it one of the most advanced on the market. This technological prowess, combined with Harris and Beckley’s proven track record in the industry, provides a strong foundation behind the company’s ambition to revitalise the Cat C market with a fresh perspective and exciting new products. Indeed, Harris believes the team they have built at Innov8 has the capacity to spearhead innovation in the industry throughout the next decade.

“We aspire to be the next leading manufacturer and games studio, and our stand at ACOS - where nothing will have been seen before - will be where we stake that claim for the first time,” stated Harris. “Everything we will show has been designed in-house at our Birmingham headquarters, where our team keep on the pulse of gaming trends to ensure our games feel as innovative and exciting as they look. We’ll have products tailored for the pub market and the AGC market, with an entirely original game menu across five freshly- designed cabinets - two for the pub and AGCs, and three specifically for AGCs. We are probably going to be the only stand at ACOS where every product is brand new, so we really can’t wait to show visitors what we have to offer.”

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